27th October 2020

Professor Winter, Has the ability to listen, and explore treatment options with care, knowledge, and clarity. He is willing to give time, and consideration to my  very human fears and concerns.  Professor Winter is a team player , offering  me a joint consultation with another medical  professional  to offer further insight and treatment options. As

18th November 2020

Professor Winter was professional, calm and focussed in his approach. After examination of the problem, his explanation to me was clear, and advice given succinct. A timely follow-up appointment (post-medication) provided reassurance and a common-sense approach to managing the issue. Written by a patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

2nd December 2020

I would recommend Prof Winter highly. Professional, caring and easy to understand. Written by a patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

2nd January 2021

Professor Winter offered an excellent second opinion about a problem with my voice because of a vocal cord palsy. I live in Sweden and had previous surgery there. He looked at my notes and I had a detailed easily understandable reply, very rapidly. It was very reassuring because it was the same as the other

16th August 2019

Stuart Winter operated on a pouch in my neck which had been causing me much discomfort over several years. He talked me through the options I had for treatment, including surgery, with great care, drawing a diagram to show me precisely what the problem was. His manner and his explanation gave me confidence that I

18th August 2019

My tonsils was giving me a lot of grief and I opted for a tonsillectomy. My consultation was very fast and after meeting Stuart once I knew that he was very knowledgable and could put my trust into him. My operation was a success and Stuart gave me great after care and helped me with

29th November 2019

Professor Winter showed a highly sympathetic and knowledgeable attitude throughout the whole process. He ensured a full investigation was carried out, clearly explaining the what/why/how in ‘lay-mans’ terms, whilst putting you at total ease during the conversation. Written by a patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

17th September 2019

Professor Winter has been very kind and helpful after taking responsibility for my care following the retirement of my previous consultant. He takes a deep interest in his patients and I have always felt comfortable when asking any questions. Written by a patient at The Manor Hospital, Oxford

6th October 2019

Professor Winter removed my benign salivary gland tumour. Throughout the process, in consultations before and after surgery, I have always found him to be very professional in his manner, able to explain things clearly and happy to answer the many questions I have asked him. Written by a patient at The Churchill

14th October 2019

Professor Winter was quite simply outstanding. Highly professional and skilled, he combines these talents with a gentle, thoughtful and listening manner that puts you at ease and ensures the process of decision-making is thorough and a joint-exercise. The surgery and post-surgery care was similarly outstanding. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much.

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