Stuart Winter

Professor Stuart Winter and the team he works with recognise that coming to Hospital can be a stressful experience and for a lot of people they will not have had to see an ENT surgeon before.

The aim of Professor Winter is that your experience coming to the Hospital, your consultation, investigations and any treatment including, surgery are as stress free as they can be.

Professor Winter works with a very experienced team who are focused on reducing your stress where possible.

Kate Taylor
PA to Professor Winter

Kate has been working in private hospitals for 20 years. She has a wealth of experience in dealing with  insurance companies and will help you with any questions you may have.


Professor Winter is able to perform hearing tests in clinic. For more detailed investigations he works selected high quality audiologists with experience in adult and paediatric audiology, vestibular assessments and who are able to advise on the fitting of premium digital hearing aids, “invisible” hearing aids, completely in the canal digital hearing aids and “difficult to fit patients”. 

They are also able to provide hearing protection for musicians, shooting, motorcyclists, industry, swimming and sleep moulds.


Speech and Language therapists

Professor Winter has a special interest in swallowing disorders and voice problems. He is able to provide a comprehensive assessment in clinic, including stoboscopy. 

He works closely with a  number of speech therapists to provide bespoke therapy.  These include:

  • Claire Greville-Heygate is a highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist trained in voice therapy. More info here
  • Carol Harris, A senior speech therapists with an interest in swallowing disorders
  • Caroline Fraser

Undergoing an operation

Professor Winter recognises that the surgery can be a very daunting prospect for many people. 

Before undertaking any surgical procedure Professor Winter is committed to ensuring that your assessment before operating is as comprehensive as needed. For some people this may be a set of questions but for others Professor Winter works closely with the anesthetic assessment team and has access to a the full range of investigations that might be needed. This could include cardiac reviews, respiratory assessments or Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing.

The Manor Hospital is able to support the full range of post-operative care levels so that you can be reassured that you are receiving the safest level of support you need. More info can be found here.

Professor Winter works with a highly selected group of anesthetists all of whom have a wealth of experience.



Choosing the correct type of scan and then correctly interpreting it is of crucial importance. While many hospital will offer an Ultra sound scan, MRI or CT of the head and neck, the interpretation of these scans is crucial. Indeed even before the scan takes place the correct setting on the scanner, the sequence and extent of the scan needs to be carefully considered.

Professor Winter works very closely with a small group of internationally recognised Head and Neck radiologists. This allows him to chose the correct scan, and work with the radiologists to interpret the results  for your benefit. More info can be found here.



When a biopsy is taken the interpretation of this can be very difficult. The head and neck area represents one of the most complex areas to interpret. Professor Winter works very closely with a small group of dedicated pathologists who only work in the head and neck area. They have an international reputation and have published text books in head and neck. This means that they can interpret the results quickly and accurately to speed your diagnosis along.



Professor Winter works closely with patients who are diagnosed with cancer of the head and neck. He recognises that this is often the most uncertain time of your life. He aims to take you through the pathway as quickly as possible. He has been selected as a Macmillan Head and Neck consultant in recognition of his care and compassion.

He works very closely with oncologists who also understand your concerns. 

When needed they will also work closely with you to offer the latest treatment including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), chemotherapy, immunotherapy and proton therapy. 

Dr Ketan Shah & Dr Sileida Oliveros

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