Difficulty Swallowing

Professor Winter will see a number of patients in whom they are having problems swallowing. There are a broad number of problems that can cause swallowing problems or ‘dysphagia’.

Typically patients will have a sensation of food sticking or hold up high in the neck or they have a sensation of needing to clear their throat. There may be problems with certain foods.

Professor Winter will take a full history and then perform an examination in clinic to examine the pharynx. This is the area immediately above the oesophagus.

After this we will discuss strategies to improve your swallowing. This may include anti-reflux treatment. It may also involve Dynamic X-rays of your swallowing or an oesophagoscopy (examination of the oesophagus)

Professor Winter has a particular expertise in treating a number patients with specific problems in the throat. This includes a pharyngeal pouch or cricopharyngeal overactivity. 

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